The naysayers believe that Socialism and Communism, “will never happen in America.” But there has been a growing presence in America since the early 1900’s. In the 1950’s we learned of the Communist plan to fundamentally transform America by breaking the capitalist system and then introduce a revised Marxist / Leninist “utopia.”
That vision is best summarized by a presentation in congress called simply, “Communist Goals 1963.” Conservatives tried to expose the radical strategy and suffering “ridicule” as prescribed by the leftist’s tactics in the progressive strategy book Rules for Radicals.
Over 50 years ago, in his speech called “A time for choosing,” Ronald Reagan warned that America was heading in the direction of the Labor Party of Great Britain. Since then our country has been moving more “progressively” towards an expansive entitlement society funded by wealth redistribution.
Now we learn that the Democratic Socialists of America and others are supporting Bernie Sanders, a self-pro claimed socialist, for president. How was America so dramatically transformed right before our eyes? One national magazine actually stated on their front page that we are “all socialists now.” Is that true?
Is there still hope for America? Are we still “the shining city on the hill” and the “last great hope” for the world?
Join us for a lively discussion as to the past, present and possible futures of this great country and how one person can still make a difference.