Liberty Pub
In 2016, the RRLS reached out to millennials with shorter presentations in a relaxed atmosphere – in pubs in Arlington. Like our founding fathers, young professionals are meeting in casual pubs enjoying the food and beverage of their choice and hear brief remarks from a popular speaker to spark their conversation with their friends.

Inspired by the success of our new Liberty Pub events, The Ronald Reagan Lecture Series commissioned a Liberty Pub mug featuring the “Join, or Die” by Benjamin Franklin which first appeared in the
Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754. It is described as a political cartoon, with a snake cut in eighths and labeled with the regions or colonies at the time. The editorial by Franklin printed along with it explained the need for, and importance of, colonial unity. It was used to promote unity among the colonies leading up to the French and Indian War as well as the better known use during the Revolutionary period. The head of the snake is labeled N.E. for the four New England colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and proceeds geographically to the south. In 1754, Maine was part of Massachusetts colony, Delaware part of Pennsylvania, and Georgia was omitted (without explanation).